Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Breastfeeding Month :)

Happy Breastfeeding Month, fellow parents!

It's 2.5 years since I gave birth to Ben. I never thought I'd be an advocate. It took me 3 months to actually be comfortable and eventually enjoy breastfeeding, and another year to be given the opportunity to be properly trained to help other moms. I am glad that I still feel strongly about this advoacy even if Ben is about to become a preschooler. I am even more happy that I am somehow able to share my knowledge and experiences to moms who want to breastfeed. I must admit, I still feel shy whenever someone approaches me and says that they heard I counsel breastfeeding moms and have some questions of their own. After all, there are people who are more experienced and knowledgable than I am. However, it warms my heart to hear success stories of moms who never thought they would breastfeed for as long as they have and are now reaping the benefits. I think it's about having the right information as well as having someone (who has the same experiences) to be a listening ear and ally.

I must admit, sometimes it is hard to balance showing passion for the advocacy and giving moms just the right information that they need, and I do pray that I'll do a better job with each mom.

So speaking of helping out other moms, here are some things I'd like to share to my fellows moms and moms-to-be:

For moms who are able to donate breastmilk, victims of the recent typhoon need your help. Please drop off your milk at the Medela house (#29 1st St. New Manila QC) or directly to PGH.  Your gift will go a long way.  Please be reminded that as a general rule, donating formula milk isn't allowed.

For moms to be, please join LATCH at our upcoming workshops on Aug 18 at St. Lukes QC and on Sept 8 at The Medical City. Both workshops will be in the morning from 9am-12nn. I promise it will be time well spent :)

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