Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ben-Ben!

How time flies!!!! Thank you to family, friends, teachers, coaches and doctors who have been part of Ben's first 3 years.  We look forward to more adventures with our little master.  Here are some of our favorite highlights over the past year

1. "Mastery" of colors and shapes
2. Counting until 20
3. "Why?" "Where am I going?" "What am I going to do?" "Play tayo!"
4. Tells us about what happened during class
5. Knows how to swim backstroke
6. Can do a forward roll and swing on the bars on his own
7. Semi potty-trained (except during his sleep)
8. Identifying emotions (I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm mad)
9. Can say his bedtime prayers on his own (if he is in the mood to sleep)
10. "I love you, papa" "I love you, mama"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Halfway there ... :)

25 weeks and counting, thank you Lord for watching over us as we go through this pregnancy.

It has been quite an interesting journey so far. As we enter the 6th month, I am suppose to feel my best at this stage of the pregnancy. I guess in a way it is true. I look pregnant enough for family and friends to offer their congratulations but not big enough that I find it super hard to move about. There's not much morning sickness so I am able to enjoy my meals but I do easily feel tired. Sometimes, even going up a flight of stairs can be a chore, and my back-pain is keeping me up at night, not that I am really complaining. I'm okay as long as the twins are okay :)

Family and friends often ask if this pregnancy is harder because it's twins. My emotions are a wreck since I have double the hormones of a regular pregnancy (yeah, excuses, excuses .. but I do have blood tests to prove it, haha!). I do feel the girls kicking, one on the left, one on the right, though not at the same time (yup, we'll be blessed by two ladies, so good luck to Bry during the teenage years, hehe). But for me, the biggest difference of all is not because it is twins but more because it is the second pregnancy. When you have a 3 year old, you can't just stop and rest anytime you please. You wonder how things will change for him once the new babies are out and how you'll be able to give each child the proper attention they deserve. This keeps me awake at nights more than my backache.

My favorite part of the pregnancy is whenever Ben kisses my tummy and says "I love you, babies!". Hearing that is like God reassuring me through Ben that everything will be alright, and if this is a preview of how he will be as a big brother, then we are truly blessed. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Arts and Crafts over the Christmas Break PLUS Ben's Birthday Giveaway!

During Ben's recent parent teacher conference, we (Ben's teachers and I) agreed that it would be a good idea to expose him to some arts and crafts activities during the break.  Thankfully, we had some opportunities to do that over the holidays.  Kudos to daddy Bry for being open to trying out some new activities with Ben.  To be perfectly honest, we're not really the artistic types but I am glad that we were able to encourage Ben to try out new experiences.  After all, arts and crafts (and cooking) with kids is not much about the end product but more for the stimulation of their senses.  Here are some snapshots:

working hard on his play-doh

arts and crafts santa at Little Gym

The finish product, smile!

Thanks Auntie Elyse for the DIY Gingerbread House Kit, here's daddy and Ben mixing the icing

Mama and Ben decorating the house panels

Tada! The finished product, hahaha! It is the effort that counts, right? Thanks to Ama, Angkong, A-tsiak and Diko for
helping out and not minding the mess we made! Thanks also to Tai-kong for letting us bring it to his house.

Now on to the fun part! It's time for another giveaway again!!!! Nothing fancy :) Just something simple to honor Ben's love for Play-Doh.  After all, it is his birthday month.  Can't believe he is turning 3 soon!  Anyway, we love Play-Doh because it's very easy to mold and doesn't dry up quickly.  It's easy to clean, too!  So for this month, we'll be giving away Play-Doh clays to a lucky reader.  Simply follow the steps below :

1. Leave a comment "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!" either on this blog entry or Facebook link
2. Share who will you play your Play-Doh with just in case you are the lucky winner
3. Leave your full name and email address so we can contact you properly
4.  Entries will be accepted until Feb 14, 2013 (since I am a romantic!, haha)
Good Luck!