Monday, April 30, 2012

Ben loves taking photos

Ben likes being in pictures but enjoys taking them even more.  His favorite subjects are mommy and daddy.  I thought I'd share some of the photos he took in the hope that they will bring a smile to your faces.  Have a happy week ahead from the Tans!

obviously, this photo wasn't taken by Ben, but I just had to add it
because he looks so happy in it ... :)                  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My favorite Mommy De-stressers

This month has been quite a ride for me (  hopefully more stories about the reasons why next time).  I've been quite stressed in so many different ways that I'm honestly glad May is just around the corner (after watching The Avengers, of course!)  I've been stressing about what to talk about for this entry when it occurred to me that I can share what I have been doing to keep me sane these past few weeks.  So, here are my favorite mommy de-stressers, hehe! Hopefully you guys can share yours as well =)

1. Say a prayer - whenever I find hard to put Ben back to sleep at night after waking up for the nth time, I'd try to lull him to sleep while praying the rosary.  It's the only thing that keeps me from going crazy when he wakes up crying just as I was about to go into deep sleep

2. Watch a good movie or a TV show - When I'm not in a really good mood, I try to cheer myself up by watching an episode of my favorite sitcom.  It usually makes me feel a bit better even for a little while

3. Chat with a friend - Sometimes, all you need is some adult conversation with someone you trust and genuinely listens to you

4. Sing and Dance - Videoke, Dance Classes, Xbox Kinect Session.  Who can resist those? Hehe

5. Enjoy Nature Outdoors - How about a walk at a park?

6. Write, Draw or Paint - My Blog and playing Draw Something helps me focus on other things

7. Read a book - This month, I finished both the Girl with a Dragon Tatoo and Hunger Games trilogies.  I love the way books transport me to another world, most especially stories written in the first person point of view.

8. Eat something yummy and healthy - For some weird reason, my favorite comfort food is Nilagang Baboy.  Funny story, just last week, we had this dish and it lasted me for two consecutive days.  I've  actually been saving my favorite part for one last serving for the third day but the maids must have thought I needed to eat a new dish because they ate the last person and cooked something else for me.

9. Sports - I miss swimming, yes I swim with Ben twice a week but there's nothing like doing a few laps on your own.  It's the only sport I know ( it's a mystery to me how I passed volleyball and badminton during collage) and it's perfect for the summer heat

10.Take a Nap - I always feel better after a nap, even if it's just 20 minutes

11. Take a trip to the Salon - Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to have a new look? All throughout this month, I've been tempted to highlight my hair, curl it or maybe get a pixie cut! My fear of eventually regretting what I do with my locks had me settling for a mere trim, but who knows? Maybe someday I'd have enough courage to drastically change my look.  Anyways, just having someone make you look good even if it's just your toes is such a nice feeling.  ( PS. Salon referrals are welcome :)

Hope this entry brings a smile to you face.  Have a stress free week ahead!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mommy Friends are the Best! =)

Being a mom is not easy, there are times when you question yourself with even the simplest parenting decision you just made. I am lucky to be surrounded with mommy friends who help keep me sane, and I dedicate this entry to them (naks!)

Mommy Friends are the best because...

You can learn from their experience.
When I feel stuck, I'd ask advice from moms of older kids who've been in my shoes

You have someone you can impart your words of wisdom to
Just as there are moms who are more experienced than you, there'll always be newbies who need your encouragement. It's always an honor being asked by new moms about how I handled things when Ben was a newborn. Sometimes, all you need is someone to tell you that things will eventually get a little better.

You have someone to have adult conversations with.
Being with a child the whole day can really test your patience. One of the things I used to look forward to when Ben was still at school is that I get to chat with the parents of his schoolmates. They always make me feel better even when I feel harassed.

Playdates, both for the adults and the kids!
Having friends with kids close to your age means you get to help your child socialize while having some quality time among yourselves. Bry and i enjoy organizing playdates whenever we get the chance.

They remind you that each child is different and not to compare
As you get to know more parents and their child, you'll get to realize that each child is unique. Yes, there are developmental milestones to watch out for but if if you shouldn't panic when your friend's baby rolls over before yours does even if they have the same birthday. Believe me, this is easier said than done. Ben is already 2 and I'm still learning this lesson every day.

How about you? What's the best thing about having parent-friends? :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mommy Prays via Pins of Light's Online Lenten Retreat

In the spirit of Holy Week, I'd like to encourage all my fellow Catholic Techie Friends to check out the online retreat prepared by Fr. Johnny Go, SJ.  It's a great way to take time to reflect on the real reason why we're all taking a break this week.

I'm a fan of Father Johnny and find his online retreats (usually available for Lent and Advent) very enriching to the soul.  This is perfect for moms like me who are not able to take time out to go on a retreat house for the weekend.  I like his approach because the reflection points are timeless but at the time he adds a modern touch into them.  If I remember correctly, he even used Bruno Mars' songs for the Lenten Retreat last year.  Cool huh? :) I am quite excited what's in store for us this year, hehe.  Oh, the past retreats also has a feature where you can share with your reflections with other readers if you wish. :)

The retreat itself will start tomorrow, Holy Thursday.  But the site has already uploaded a pre-retreat exercise to get us in the mood.  Here 's the link :)

Have a blessed Holy Week to everyone! Stay safe and God Bless you and your families.