Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Throwback Post on Misibis Bay

As we enter the Summer days, allow me to do a post about one of our family vacations.  We had one of our adventures at Misibis Bay and enjoyed a lot during our stay particularly because of the good service we experienced while we were there.  Here are some highlights:

We had a city tour on the way to the resort from the airport.  It was our first time in Bicol and were happy to learn a bit about the area.  The highlight of the visit, of course, was viewing Mayon Volcano.  We also had an opportunity to buy some souvenirs while in Albay.  The tour lasted for 3 hours which was enjoyable despite being tired from the trip.  I was thankful that we were assigned a spacious vehicle during the trip so the kids were very comfortable.  We were even allowed a quick stopover to buy some snacks for the kids.

Upon checking in, we were glad to find out that the rooms we booked were connected.  We ended up opening the connecting door for easy access since there were other doors separating the actual bedrooms.  There was a refrigerator with a small freezer but they were very accommodating in letting me store some my expressed milk in the freezer.

As part of the package, we availed of the buffet in the main restaurant during our meals.  I was quite impressed with the choices that they have.  I appreciated the station where they grilled meats and seafood.  Also, there was always soup in the buffet which made it easier to feed the kids.  Speaking of kids, another nice thing about the resort is they have an indoor play area for the kids, complete with a pool of balls, art materials and puzzles.  We spent some time there when it was too hot to play outdoors.  

As I mentioned, what I liked most about the resort was its service.  They were quite accommodating with our request for additional blankets and pillows.  They constantly reminded me and Bry to avail of the tours that came with the package so we can set it in our schedule.  It was also the little things, like looking for Bry to hand him over the band-aid he requested, and going to the city to purchase medicine for Bree.  

The package for staying at the resort comes with an ATV tour of the area (for the bigger kids and adults) and a sunset motorboat ride to the sea for a better view of Mayon Volcano (complete with some snacks).  All the guests who checked in can also avail of water sports activities like driving a jet-ski and riding a canoe.  The attendants by the beach were very attentive.  I also like the idea that the resort has several pools so you can easily swim in the one nearest you.  Ben especially enjoyed the kiddie pool where he can reach the floor and play freely.

Overall, I do recommend Misibis Bay for those in search for a child-friendly summer getaway.  What are your thoughts? Have you been to the resort?  I’m always on the look-out for child friendly places to bring the kids so feel free to share if you know some places I can check out.     

Trying out painting :)

When Ben is learning a new skill, I do my best to try it out myself.  He has been enjoying painting lately so I decided to take on painting myself.  It was quite a challenge taking time so draw and paint while juggling 3 kids but I am thankful to have made some progress.  I know these pieces are far from perfect but they were made with lots of love :)

Starting with a basic vase

My attempt at a tribute to Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night

trying out sunflowers

When you can't go to Japan, you try to bring Japan to you, haha

Here are some of the things I realized (some of which are obvious :) )
- Drawing is the foundation of everything.  Sketching is not easy but it helps you control your wrist which is important when you paint
- Mixing colors requires lots of practice. Being able to easily identify the mixture of colors of a certain part of a painting is a skill.
- When you encounter a painting boo-boo, do not panic, just relax and try to adjust your work accordingly.  The color white does wonders if you want to correct mistakes
- You can never have too many brushes, hehe (well, at least brushes of various sizes)
- Acrylic painting entails a lot of layering which is lots of work but has more opportunities for practice
- I have a soft spot for flowers
- chalk and wipes can be your best friends as you paint in the canvass
- painting the sides of the canvass may seem like a simple task but it makes a difference
- painting pegs are just inspirations, and you should not be pressured to copy them

I hope to have more opportunities not only to paint but to help kids (mine and others) enjoy painting as well.  It's a fun way to learn how to focus.