Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Parenting tips from my Papa

Being that we just celebrated Father's Day, let me take some time (away from Ben and my latest craze Snoopy Fair, hehe) to honor the first man in my life :)
Ben and Gwakong (one of their first pics:) )

Like in any relationship, my relationship with my papa has it's ups and downs, especially when I was a teenager, but these challenges we faced only made our bond stronger, and me a better mother.

Here are a few things I've learned from my father that I've come to appreciate now I have a little one of my own :)

My papa is a good friend, his current business partner is his best friend ever since high school and I really admire their business and personal relationship.  Papa can always be someone his friends can count on, which is why even us, his family, has always been loved by the people around us.

Papa is always on the look-out for good ways to invest his funds, be it a new investment opportunity in the bank or a new business.  He encourages me and my brother to try out new business proposals but not without discussing its profitability with him first.  I guess it's the accountant in him :)

My papa finished college while working on a job AND starting his own business.  He was a scholar and worked hard to budget his money for school.

My papa believes in the power of prayer.  People around me know how my papa wouldn't let a Sunday pass without going to mass.  He prays the rosary, and has a devotion to the Black Nazarene and the Mother of Perpetual Help.  I think this trait somewhat spilled over to me, and hopefully a bit to Ben in the future.

When I really want something and feel discouraged after a few tries, Papa would tell me to try and try again. He helps me believe that if I really want something so bad, I shouldn't give up right away and work very hard to get it.

My papa is very patient and forgiving not just to me and JP, but also to his employees.  I still yet have to practice this trait though because even if i know how "unhealthy" carrying a grudge can be, it still takes a while for me to let go.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mommy Review: Jean Perry Memory Foam Body Pillow

Look what the gentlemen of Casa La Armonia sent me and Ben  ...:)

a Jean Perry Memory Foam body pillow, wow!!!
 Hmm... I wonder how a body pillow can fit it inside the box

Oh, that's why, the foam is folded,
just shows how durable and flexible it is.

Now for the ultimate test,
soft and long enough for Ben to hug with his arms and legs, check

hmmm ...soothing smell.   .. check!
(Ben loves the Aloe Vera smell, very relaxing..
Lets all chant now "You are getting sleepy")

Knocked out!!! Asleep in less than 30 minutes, check!

These Memory Foam pillows are not your ordinary body pillows.  What makes them special?

(1) The foam contours to the shape of your body.  Not too soft, no too hard, just right.  It helps you maintain good body posture when sleeping you wake up feeling really refreshed. (PS. The size is approximately 18 x 44 inches)

(2) It has aloe vera gel that helps soothe your hair and skin, perfect for busy mom like me who want to feel fresh and pretty but don't have the luxury of time for an elaborate nighttime routine

and GOOD NEWS, there is a deal at Gupo to get this pillow at 40 off. Check out the deal site here.  Hurry !!! the offer is until Saturday June 9, 2012 only!!!

Now, since Ben likes this pillow, I wonder if I should get another one for myself, hmm .. :)

Why the proposed "revised Milk Code" is a no-no

I'm no expert on the law but I will take time to write about the bill that is being proposed at congress revising the current Milk Code. My reference is this article which I hope you will take time to read as well.

If I understand it correctly, the bill proposes the following things, all of which aren't favorable in supporting Breastfeeding. Here's my simple explanation why.

1. It proposes that the ban of advertisement of infant food and formula be modified so that milk companies can advertise their products for babies as early as 6 months old.

Why it's a no-no : A Breastfeeding mom should be encouraged to continue after 6 months. It is the BEST complimentary food for your baby as she starts solids. It is already a challenge getting this information out to moms. It would be even harder when there are advertisements around misleading moms that formula milk is better.

2. Milk companies will be allowed to donate their products during emergency situations and give samples within the health care system.

Why it is a no-no: Firstly, because formula milk requires clean water to prepare. Sometimes clean drinking water is hard to come by during emergencies. Also, breastmilk has the antibodies a baby needs to help fight off viruses which are common is relief centers. A breastfeeding mom who is already stressed because of their situation should be encouraged to continue and not be tempted to stop. Besides, there may be samples of formulas lying around now but what happens when they ran out?   Mom has to spend money for formula.  A can or even a pack of formula can be so tempting for a new mom.  I am not saying that formula is bad, but for milk companies to make it seem like the better option is something I am not in favor of.

3. That pumping-moms should not get paid for the 40 minute daily allowance they have to express milk at the office.

Why is it a no-no? In a 8-hour work day, two 20-minute pumping sessions are just enough. This doesn't even count the time you spend preparing and cleaning. Besides, working and pumping moms can multitask. With nursing wraps and hands free pump, you can make phone calls, write emails and read reports while pumping. A Breastfeeding mom = a healthier baby = less absences from work. Why discourage it?

4. Removing of the English-Tagalog literature in formula milk, explaining it's risk.

Why it is a no-no? Simple, this basic mode of information is the most helpful one for moms.  Growing, I didn't learn how important breastfeeding was from school or from my mom or aunts.  I learned reading about it while I was looking at stuff at the grocery.  There is power in the phrase "Breastfeeding is best for babies up to 2 years and beyond", because it is out there, everyone knows it - and that is how you get future parents interested.

5. Milk companies are allowed to participate in materials and events relating to breastfeeding and infant nutrition

Why is it a no-no? I can't imagine giving a breastfeeding seminar with a banner of a milk company close by.  It doesn't make sense.  As for educational materials, what message does it convey to moms when certain brands are being advertised in something that is suppose to be neutral? Lets me fair to the milk companies.  You can realistically expect them to be involved without marketing their product.

Honestly, I have yet to see the wisdom behind this bill. I still don't know how this bill is beneficial to moms and babies who congress is suppose to serve. So please, if you think this bill shouldn't be passed, please do the following:

1.  sign this online petition, it will only take a few seconds, promise!
2.. write your congressman about it.  You can check out their email through this site.  Jenny Ong of Chronicles of the Nursing Mom has a sample draft here.

Any thoughts? Please do share... :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Winner of Daddy Bry's Birthday Month Giveaway!!!!

As promised, we are proud to announce the winner of 2 Jean Perry Ultra Soft Pillows that we're giving away to celebrate Bry's birthday month.  Thanks to everyone who joined.  I wish I can give each of you the prize but there can only be one so .... :)

Superdad Bry took time out from his busy schedule (hahaha) to pick-out the winner and congratulations to...

MOMMY IRIS !!!!! :):) :)

So happy for you that you won! Hope your visitors will love your new pillows!!! Muwah!

Thanks again for everyone who's been reading my blog.  It's been a hectic couple of weeks but hopefully I'll get around to posting new entries soon, especially the one you have suggested in the entries for this giveaway!!!

Have a God-filled week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Potty training Ben Ben

As requested by some mommy friends, I'm writing an entry about potty training our little Master. At 2.5 years Ben is about 50% (?) potty trained. We let him wear diapers only outdoors and during bedtime/nap time. It's not much, but progress nonetheless.

It helped that we try to establish a consistent potty routine for him in the morning before bath time. We've been trying this for some time now but only got a real system going during summer break from school.  I bought him several pairs of cheap briefs and shorts so we won't stress about having to catch up on laundry.  I think he actually prefers not wearing any diapers since it's more comfy.  He would now tell us if he wants to poo or pee, tell us if he's finished, and flush afterwards.  We're still in the stage when we have to act really fast once he says he needs to go to the bathroom in order to prevent accidents.  And true to his nature of being pilyo and maharot, he finds a way to make potty time interesting, like telling us to close our eyes until he's done and playing with the bidet hose. It's still a lot of work but we've come a long way since trying to chase him around to change his dirty nappy.

I'm grateful of the progress we have made so far.  I still don't know when we'll be able to go without diapers during naps and bedtime, I've read that it's best to watch out for signs and not to rush into it.  I try to get him to pee almost every hour whenever he's awake so I'm not sure how to go about lasting the whole night.  I'd love to hear the potty training stories of other parents and learn from them.

Sharing Ben's first and only potty pic for way back when he was less than a year old.  I don't have any new photos since he now becoming a little self conscious during potty time, hmm... kids grow up so fast, huh? :)

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!