Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ben's Favorite Ipad Apps

Ben loves the Ipad, yes I know we shouldn't let him play with it all the time.  We try to limit his Ipad time but as long as he's using it, might as well make it the experience both fun and educational.  Presenting our favorite Ipad applications:

Alphabet Tracing By Oncilla Technologies Inc - as suggested by our good friend, doc and preschool teacher Miel, we tried to look for an app that would help Ben practice tracing letters and numbers.  It's not the same as good old fashioned pen and paper but use a stylus with it and you get the next best thing :)

Dr. Seuss Apps by Oceanhouse Media- Dr. Seuss books are fun to read and having online versions of them are the coolest.  I like how the app displays and voices out the names of the objects as you point towards them.

Duck Duck Moose Apps - Duck Duck Moose offer several interactive appications for toddlers that uses familiar children's songs.  Brn's favorite is the Itsy Bitsy Spider :) You can even record your own voice singing the songs for a more personalized touch.  Among other choices are Wheel's on the Bus , Old MacDonald and Ba Ba Black Sheep.  They also have a Fish School math app that makes counting fun.

Sandra Boynton Books By Loud Crow Interactive Inc. - Ben loves Sandra Boynton Books.  They're cute and very easy to read.  We have a collection of her small board books here at home so when Bry discovered that some of them have interactive versions, he couldn't resist downloading them.  Going to Bed book was the first one, Ben's favorite page is the one with the animals in the bath tub.  The other books (Blue Hat, Green Hat   , Moo Baa La la la, and Barnyard Dance_ are just as adorable.

Monster at the end of this Book by Sesame Street - It took us a while to purchase this app because as much as we are Sesame Street fans, it's  little expensive.  However, I now understand why this has high ratings.  The plot and interactivity is simple enough for Ben's age yet at the same time, I can imagine him still enjoying it even after a few years.  It's quite a "long book" so it can keep your little one busy for a while.  Check out the sequel "Another Monster at the end of this Book" where Elmo joins the fun.

Alien Buddies –

By Artgig Studio - I honestly think this app helped Ben become familiar
with colors and shapes.  It has a lot of activities in it like  connecting the dots, puzzles, plotting 
stickers and matching.  The matching activity seems simple but you can really learn a lot if you consistently play with it.                                       

Toca Boca Games - Ben loves playing pretend so this series of apps is definitely  in our list.   His favorites are Toca Doctor, Toca Robot  and Toca House.  There are games like the Toca Store and Tea Party that are fun to play with a friend.  You obviously can't compare it to the real thing but it can keep you and your little one occupied while waiting for your turn at the pediatrician's clinic.

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  1. Haha Enzo loves all the Toca Boca games too! :)