Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toddler-Proofing our Home

Ever since Ben started being mobile, we've been trying to set-up our home, most especially our room, to be safe for him.  Here are the (not so) latest additions :)  Apologies for the blurry photos :)

RUBBER MATS IN THE BATHROOM - With Ben running around all the time, they serve as extra protection  especially  when I have to give him a bath all by myself.  We bought these at Ace Hardware. They can be hard to maintain, though, especially in the shower area.  Make sure they are cleaned regularly.

LIFT AND LOCK SWING GATE BY THE STAIRS - Ben knows how to go up and down the stars by himself and this helps us with making sure he waits for an adult.  Find one that's sturdy and easy to install.  Having a design that goes well with the rest of the house is  plus, too.  Actually, I got this idea from my mom who told that when I was a little girl, I fell from the stairs once while chasing an ice cream cart, ooops!

BED RAIL - Actually, we usually sleep with Ben at a mattress by the floor during nighttime.  The bed we have doesn't seem to be big enough for the three of us to sleep through the night anymore.  But this bed rail is helping for us during nap time and at nights when he wants to sleep at the big bed.

Hope these ideas help :) :) :)

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