Wednesday, February 27, 2013

winner of Ben's giveaway

My apologies for the super delayed post :( Trying to catch up on updating the blog since it has been a very hectic month.  Anyway, we are happy to announce the winner for Ben's birthday give-away of Play-dohs.  I managed to get  a shot of Ben picking the winner but it was a bit blurry.  I was the best among all the ones I took, though, hehe.  The challenges of taking a photo of a super-likot boy :)

Congrats to mommy Gen for winning the give-away! We'll get in touch with you as to how we can send the simple yet fun prize!

Daddy Bry and Mommy Nats cook with Ben's class

Sharing with everyone some photos of Bry and I cooking with Ben's classmates.  Bry prepared polvoron while I prepared fruit salad with the kids.  We are happy that Ben is in a school where there are opportunities for the parents to be involved.  Our activities were quite simple, just pouring and mixing, but we still got nervous doing them.  I really appreciate Bry  for taking time out from his busy schedule at work to do this with the kids.  It may not be a big deal but I am sure Ben will look back at the photos with fondness and realize how much effort it took for his papa to join him in class.  Thanks to teacher Karen for the photos.  Here we go... :)

We had containers so the kids can take home what we made together.  The finished products turned out quite well (yehey), not bad considering we are not really experts in the kitchen.  Hope everyone had a good month.  Ben will surely miss school when the school year ends in a couple of weeks.