Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) Adventures

I grew up fearful of parent-teacher conferences. When I was still studying, if your parents are called for PTC, it usually means the teachers have concerns on your behavior or grades. So my mindset was no-PTC = good and kept a low profile. I guess this is why I get nervous whenever it is time to have one at Ben's school. We have 3 PTCs over the course of the school year, one is for goal setting, one in the mid-year, and another by the end of the school year that lets us evaluate if he is ready to move up to the next level.

Anyway, I just had my first PTC for this school year. As usual, I was both anxious and curious about how Ben is doing inside the classroom and I am glad (and relieved, haha!) that the teachers are quite happy with him. His teachers said that having Ben is like having an extra adult in the classroom because he knows the routine and encourages the rest of his classmates to participate as well. He's now more open to cooperative play and is quite independent in doing his tasks. He is also the class entertainer. He enjoys singing and dancing in front of the mirror and his classmates. He even has a classmate that enjoys watching him so much that he would look for Ben whenever he's late so much so that the teachers are saying that the class doesn't really start until he arrives because he's the life the party. A performer like his papa? :)

He's also very open to the new materials the teachers would bring in front of him and to my surprise has a GOOD attention span. Wait, are we still talking about the same boy here? I couldn't even get him to sit still to finish a glass of milk at home!

There's room for improvement, of course. We still have to encourage him when it comes to arts and writing, and as much as he likes playing with others he still needs to be reminded to share once in a while. The good thing about PTCs on this level is that the parents and teachers can make sure they are on the same page when it comes to disciplining the kids and share tips on how to deal with their personaliies. Like with Ben, I found out that he likes it when his artworks are posted on the wall so I'm going to try to do it at home. Whew, so far we're doing ok, now only if I can get him out of the "bang-bang" (play gun) phase before the rest of his classmates catch on, hehe =)


  1. Heya Nats! Enzo's on the bang-bang phase and it has evolved from using the umbrella to creating spaceships with blocks with bang-bangs. Hahaha Good luck getting Ben out of that! :)

    1. ang galing naman ng imagination ni Enzo! aaaw, cutie Enzo! hay, I really don't know if I can get Ben out of the phase, haha. mukhang mataragalan pa. Thanks for sharing :)