Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Mind Museum Visit

We recently took Ben to the Mind Museum, located at 3rd Ave in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.  I've been curious about the place and admittedly we were a little stressed because it was an impromptu visit.  Nevertheless, we were glad we decided to go through with it.

Bry took a few photos which I'm sharing here.  I apologize for not taking lots of them.  We were busy running after Ben who enjoyed exploring the place.

What I loved about the Mind Museum is that it made most of its space.  It's basically divided into 5 exhibits, namely: Universe, Technology, Earth, Life and Atom.  The items in the exhibits are very interactive.  They stimulate each of your senses (yes, they even have a scents exhibit and there's a snack bar for your taste buds) which is perfect for curious kids.  We will definitely be back especially when Ben goes to big school already.

This month is a good time to visit the Mind Museum because they offer a discount from P600 to P450 for the adult 3-hour pass if you dine in any restaurant in the Bonifacio Global City area.  Take note that the regular tickets are good for  3 hours (9am-12nn, 12nn-3pm, 3-6pm and 6-9pm during Saturdays).  3 hours is more than enough to explore the place but the museum also sells all-day passes for P750.  Also, the museum is closed during Mondays.

Have you guys been to the Mind Museum? How was your experience?

You can find out more about the Mind Museum in their webpage right here  You can also order tickets online and get discounts if you are using your Mastercard.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twins update at 3 months :)

The twins just turned 3 months. Yes, it has been more fun now that they have more waking hours but with this month comes the growth spurt.  The marathon feedings at night are very challenging but when I feel tired, I try to close my eyes and be thankful that God has entrusted such wonderful girls to me and Bry.  I'll still feel tired but somehow I get by.

The twins still continue to show their difference in personalities.  Bridget likes watching ahia Ben play and doesn't mind it when he's noisy and makes a mess of their room.  Bea prefers to watch the trees from the window and gives a little frown when their room isn't orderly. 

I feel blessed to still be breastfeeding the twins.  I still prefer feeding the girls one after the other than feeding them at the same time.  However, I tandem feed the girls when needed.  I'm only comfortable feeding them via the football hold.  I've been trying to research on other breastfeeding positions for twins.  Here's hoping I get to learn another position by the time they reach four months :)