Monday, July 16, 2012

Ben at Explorations (year 2), What's new?

It has been a month since Ben started his second year at Explorations and I am happy to say that his transition was a smooth one. This is not a surprise since Ben was enrolled in the summer program. I was a bit concerned about how he will adjust to his new teachers and yaya but was pleasantly surprised that within a few days, he already knew their names. I even heard him calling them in his sleep, probably dreaming of what he did at class.

He's more social now but favors a classmate who has been with him since last year. He still took his time warming up to his new classmates and has to be reminded to use his gentle hands and gentle voice most especially since he's one of the oldest boys in class. I think we are making progress since their teachers shared with me that Ben comforted one of his classmates when he saw her crying.

The good news is he's very comfortable with the class routine. I find joy in listening to him sing songs he learned at class. He'd also tell me about what he did inside the classroom and who helped him with his tasks. I am also glad that the teachers are being firm with him to slowly prepare him for a more structured schedule and eventually big school.

Bry and I look forward to observing his progress as we go through the rest of the school year.  Thanks, teacher Karen for these lovely photos of our little master at work.

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  1. Goo job ahia Ben! Keep it up! And great job to mommy Nats and Daddy Bry!