Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Yoga is for Everyone :)

volunteer kids yoga classes at Pinagbuhatan Pasig

When I first heard about yoga, I was intimidated because it seemed that it was only for people who are flexible and with good balance.  I was glad that I faced that fear and had come to realize that it is for everyone to share and enjoy.  So, to put an end from my break from blogging, here are some of my favorite reasons why yoga is for everyone

Yoga teaches you to focus on your breath - just sitting down quietly for 10 breaths, closing your eyes and stating your intention for the day is already yoga.  Being able to breathe deeply is not easy as it seems, especially when you have a lot in your mind, but those 10 quiet breaths can actually make you productive afterwards.

Yoga teaches you to be mindful - I love to multitask so to actually choose a task, focus on nothing else but that activity is a challenge.  But that is what practicing yoga calls us to do, because when you put your heart, mind, body and soul into something, it's going to come back a hundredfold  and you know you gave it your all.

Yoga teaches you to love your body - because each of us has a unique anatomy, practicing yoga enables us to accept our own individual strengths and weakness.  It also encourages you to be aware of certain muscles and bones as you poses which you would have taken for granted otherwise.

Yoga teaches you to be humble - There will always be someone who is more experienced and someone who is newer to the practice.  It is definitely tempting to compare yourself to the person on the mat beside you but you shouldn't since it is a non competitive activity.

Yoga helps you appreciate nature - Especially for kids who don't get to experience a lot of nature everyday, yoga introduces them to the concept of our oneness with the plants, animals, and other parts of our world that would make them more appreciative of our environment.