Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When Natural Disasters Strike

A lot has been said about the tragedy at Northen Mindanao brought about by the recent typhoon.  Our family continues to pray for those affected.  As a mom, it is especially heartbreaking to see the children suffering.  I saw a video clip at the television of a mom who had to use the drinking water she had to give her baby with a fever a sponge bath.  Lets all try to help the best we can.

I also came across this site that compiles list of ways we can send out donations to the victims.  Aside from this, let me mention that Medela Moms is also accepting donations in form of breastmilk and other breastmilk feeding supplies.  This is important because (1) it is important to nourish the infants in the evacuation centers especially those separated from their moms (2) breastmilk is even more important for these babies because they need the antibodies and it's hard to prepare formula without clean water.

Hopefully those in relief operations can give special assistance to the infants and their moms.  I wonder if there are some breastfeeding counselors in the area who can help reach out to moms and encourage them during this stressful time.

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