Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ben visits Tita dentist, again :)

I recently took Ben for his second dental check-up.  I was very proud of him, no crying, no fussing and he opened  his mouth on cue. What's more, he showed the dentist that he can gargle and spit.  I must say  I give yaya credit for teaching Ben that skill.  She's the one who would make toothbrushing a game for Ben. Sige na nga, plus points na  nga for her. Hehe

I've shared in a previous entry some dental tips for toddlers.  Additional tips I've learned from this visit are
1) Direct breastfeeding helps a child develop a beautiful set of teeth. Most breastfed babies do no need braces when they grow older. Also, direct breastfeeding helps develop a child's facial muscles .and 2) Fresh milk is better for the teeth than formula.  This is because formula is sweeter with more sugar.

With Ben now having an almost complete set of teeth, one of the most  frequently asked questions is does it hurt when nursing? At first it did, but I've learned that he'd only bite when he's bored so I'd stop feeding him whenever he's showing signs of biting.  Also, by the time a baby starts teething, he is already able to understand the concept of "no", so I'd talk to Ben in a firm voice when he used to bite. Babies use their tounge and upper palate to feed so with  the proper positioning and latch, it shouldn't hurt.

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