Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Confessions of an Online Shopaholic

Yes, I'm Nats and I'm an online shopaholic :)

It all started when I gave birth to Ben.  It was hard to go out and look for nursing clothes so I researched and found sites where I can order and have them shipped at home.  Since then, there was no turning back, hahaha!  I like buying stuff online because it's quite convenient.  It's hard to find free time to shop and most of the stuff I end up buying are hard to find in malls.  I learned quite a lot since my first purchase though.  Hope these tips will be helpful.

1. Research the product first before you purchase

When i was still starting out with nursing clothes, I found it easy to buy online because it was a hassle to leave Ben behind.  Also, there weren't many stores that sell nursing clothes back then.  I'd usually order size small because I assumed that was the size that best fits me.  But i was glad to have gotten the opportunity to visit the shops and bazaars of my suppliers, fit the clothes and realize that I am size XS in the brands.  This made future orders online better because I finally knew my exact size.  

2. Know your supplier.  
Is your supplier easy to contact? Does he/she reply to email or text messages promptly? I enjoy buying from sellers who would quickly confirm once they received the order and payment. What are his/her return policies? Some suppliers actually allow you to return purchases under certain conditions.

3. Take note of the couriers used and how to track your package. 
Most online sellers provide their customers with waybill numbers so they can get updated shipping info.  I've had quite satisfactory experiences with most couriers except for two instances when (1) my package arrived a day late because they couldn't locate our place plus their vehicle broke down and (2) a package that  I expected to have 5 items inside contained only 3.  We complained but there's only so much that you can do.  I guess the lesson to be learned here is both sellers and buyers must try to protect themselves against problems like these by knowing about shipping policies and documenting what's inside the packages.

4. Document your payments

Save your confirmation emails and keep your deposit slips.  Also, check your deposit slip before leaving the bank.  There was a time when I had to go back to the bank for a certain transaction because the teller entered the wrong amount in the computer.  As for using credit cards, make sure you log out from the website properly just to be sure your credit card info will not be saved.

5. Provide feedback to benefit other online buyers

Some websites, particularly
ebay, would request feedback and ratings from buyers and sellers.  This can be a helpful tool.  Also, sellers would usually appreciate suggestions about their products and policies.

Happy Shopping and Advance Happy Holidays!

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