Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ben's Christmas at Explorations

Our little master had his Christmas Party at school last week.  It was quite fun, too bad we weren't able to take much photos.

The toddlers sang some action songs, with the help of their wonderful teachers.  I'm sure they practiced a lot because I can see that they're participating.  I also got the chance to read a story to the kids.  Teacher Giselle lent me a Maisy Christmas Story Sticker Book, which was a lot of fun especially for our toddler's older siblings. I was quite nervous but I hope I did I good job somehow.

Then came the food ... yummy!!!! We brought pasta and ice cream which were a big hit.

And to top it off, the families got gift tags and banana bread especially made by the kids.  I think it's really cute and thoughtful .. wait ... now those I have a photo of ...  (P.S. To our family and friends who will get presents with gift tags made especially wby Ben, hope you'll keep them as souvenirs!)

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