Friday, May 27, 2011

Ben goes to the dentist

Ben had his first appointment with the dentist today. His dentist is Dra. Mariza Custodio who was referred by a family friend. I was very proud of Ben because he was so behaved, and we were lucky daddy Bry took the day off to be with us. I was quite impressed with Dra. Custodio. She was patient, pleasant and knowledgeable. She even gave Ben a toothbrush and a balloon. She also let Ben wear sunglasses and played with a stuff toy to make him more comfortable.

Stuff I've learned, hmmm ....

1. It's good to use toothpaste with fluoride for kids even as young as Ben who don't know how to spit, a thin smear of it on top of the toothbrush will do.

2. Sweets are okay, as long their not the hard ones like candies or gummy bears. Jellies or Yogurts are better

3. For Juices, it's best to let them drink ones with no added sugar to lessen chances of cavities

4. Teething gel may help with the pain, but if it still bothers him, we can give Ben paracetamol

Happy Weekend, Everyone! Don't forget to brush your teeth, hehehe!


  1. Hi, Mommy Nats... Nate has 4 front teeth and 2 sa baba, I put Sansfluo palang using my clean finger, should we start brushing him na? I don't know if it's the right time or do you know if there are brushes na you insert your finger lang? Couldn't find any e.

  2. Hey Mommy Jill!
    We have a finger brush but it came with the First Year's grooming kit, not sure if it's sold separately. You can also try this brush sold by Indigo Baby through this website.

    I think you can take cues for Nate if he's ready to brush his teeth na. With Ben, ayaw niya at first but he got used to it na after he turned one. Tapos the dentist reminded us to use the regular kids toothbrush na and not the finger brush. (We started using regular toothbrush ata when he had 8 teeth na, now he has 16 na, grabe!!!)

    hope this helps :) see you soon!