Monday, May 9, 2011

Swimming with Ben

One of the things I loved doing with Ben is his swimming lessons. Personally, swimming is the only sport I am actually confident in. We enrolled under the Lozada swim school. They had a branch in Oakwood in ADB Ave. We were invited by my sister-in-law and her friend to join them and their sons for 8 sessions and end up extending more 8 more. The classes are only for 30 minutes but it's a great workout even for the adults. Also, the good thing about enrolling in Oakwood is they have an indoor heated pool. We’re enjoying it so much that we even planning to continue even after summer. I think that it would do Ben good to do it regularly so he continues to be more confident in the water.

Ben has made very good progress in just over a month. He loves being in the water and can hold his breath under water for a few seconds. I am also glad that he is able to follow the instructions of Coach Angelo and is not afraid whenever the coach gets him and lets him “swim” for a few seconds towards me. Recently, he is able to climb up a certain part of the pool, sit on the edge and wait for my signal before “jumping” towards me inside the pool. I call that progress for someone who is a little over 3 months ago had just started walking.

The coach is teaching Ben and his classmates more skills now, like reaching for a toy underwater with his (the coach’s) assistance. We are very happy with his way to reaching since he doesn’t force the kids and at the same time he tries to challenge them appropriately. Until now, I am still nervous every time a new skill is introduced (especially since I have to tiptoe almost the whole class!) but I trust his judgment that they are ready whenever he makes them do a certain activity

Thanks again to my sis-in-law Jacq, her friend Aihleen and Ninang Annie for introducing the classes to us.

For more info on Lozada Swimming Lessons, check out their website here

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  1. Thanks for the link to your post! We will also enroll in oakwood as it's nearer to us.. We'll start by April coz my baby will be 6 months by then! :) we're trying to 'teach' him already by letting him lie down in his bath tub with a little amount of water!