Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ben at the Little Gym

Ben finished his first term at the Little Gym El Pueblo today. I am proud of the both of us for being able to go through all the 8 sessions.

What's great about The Little Gym is they have a specific skill that they target the kids to practice each session. Ben has improved a lot since he started. He has learned to bend his legs when jumping, land on his feet when going down from a higher area, and put one foot in front of the other when walking on a beam. He also more comfortable when doing assisted forward rolls, something I can't even do on my own. Of course, there are the bubbles and stamps that they receive as rewards for doing the tasks. One helpful tip I got during the classes was I don't have to always lead Ben towards the center mats whenever he wanders off to explore. Teacher Tin would just remind us parents to let the children explore a bit while we do the activity ourselves and eventually the kids return to the center mats because they want in on the action.

For more info on the Little Gym, check out their website here

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