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My Top 10 Favorite Foods for the Breastfeeding Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day!!! As a way of celebrating my 2nd year as a mom, I finally decided to put up a blog for those who would like to accompany me (and daddy Bry !!!) in our journey as parents. I promise to try to get him to write something in future. In the meantime, what better way to start things of by sharing about two things that are close to my heart, breastfeeding and food!

One of the things I love about breastfeeding is being able to eat a lot without worrying how to burn the calories I take in. A breastfeeding mom burns about 500-700 calories a day, making it a natural way for her to return back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Here are my personal favorite foods as a nursing mommy.

1. Oatmeal – Most breastfeeding moms find that they pump more milk during the days that they had oatmeal for breakfast. A possible explanation for this could be that it is a great source of iron which helps maintain milk supply. Oatmeal cookies are great snacks, too! (plugging Mommy Paola’s Mommy Treats -

2. Salmon – I’m not much of a fish eater, but I do love grilled or baked salmon. It is a good source of DHA that helps a baby’s mental development and at the same time contains the least amount of mercury compared to other fishes.

3. Salads – Green Leafy Veggies are an excellent source of non-dairy calcium. Also, compared to food supplements, they are a more natural way to boost your milk supply. Eating vegetables in their natural state allows you to maximize the vitamins and minerals they contain.

4. Fruit Shakes and Juices – Fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin c that gives mommies that extra boost of energy. They don’t only taste good but may make our breast milk taste a little sweeter, too!

5. Lean Meat Bulalo – I admit, I’m a fan of bulalo ever since I was a child and this is not my list because it is a personal comfort food. Having a regular serving of hot clear soup is another way to ensure you are getting enough liquids in your diet. Lean meat is a good source of protein. To be on the safe side, you can do without the cabbage and use pechay (since some moms claim that cabbage sometimes make their breastfed baby gassy).

6. Eggs with Whole Wheat Bread – Eggs are a good source of vitamin D (for bone development) while eating whole wheat helps us provide our breastmilk with folic acid. These are as important to our little ones now as they are when they were still in our tummies.

7. Chicken Tinola with Papaya – A tribute to my own mom who loves this dish. Who can resist a bowl of good old chicken oup? This dish is soothing and easy to prepare. Papaya is another good source of 400 mg recommended daily intake of calcium for a nursing mom.

8. Sauteed Munggo with Ampalaya Leaves – For Vegetarians, beans are a good alternative source of protein. Ampalaya leaves also have a lot of nutritional and medical benefits, particularly for moms recovering from childbirth (though personally, I like this dish with some pork bits, hehe)

9. Brown Rice – A healthy source of carbohydrates which we need since we are burning a lot of calories by breastfeeding. A nice recipe for brown rice would be cooking it Chinese Yang Chow Style with eggs, ham and green peas. Make sure you leave some for hubby so he can help you take care of the baby (wink!)

10. Halaan Soup with Malunggay – I personally consider this the ultimate breastfeeding dish! My mother-in-law lovingly served this to me when I first gave birth. Clams are a great source of iron and protein, complimented by our beloved local galactagogue. Need I say more?

As a final note, there’s really no strict diet for nursing moms. But a well balanced diet gives a mom the energy and nutrients she needs to take care of herself and the baby. And an occasional sweet treat as a reward would not hurt either. Enjoy and Happy Eating!

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  1. oatmeal was my daily staple! also love halaan with malunggay. great list nats!

  2. my milk overflows naman with guinataang gulay or chicken curry :D

  3. They say barley helps too. But I like oatmeal and malunggay.