Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sale Alert! Playroom Educational Toys

Hi, Friends!

If you are in the lookout for educational toys for kids, you might want to consider playroom educational toys :) most of their toys are card and board games so they are very compact and easy to bring along during trips.  Here are among my favorites which I think will be enjoyed by both kids and kids at heart.

I like this game because it helps one practice identifying left from right . Simple but can be challenging even for adults

This is a memory game.  You need to be focused because it might take a while before you need to identify certain cards

In this game, a player picks a card and expresses the emotion in his face for the rest of the players to guess.  Simple, but I like it because it teaches kids to be sensitive to other people's facial expressions.  

A fun group game! There are many cards with different color combinations of horses. You roll the dice to find out which color combination to look for and race who gets the card first.  It's quite easy to teach this to kids of Ben's age

A strategy card game where you protect your ducks from getting targeted and shot.  Ideal for kids 10 years old and up.

These toys are being distributed by my ninang Jeraldine Ching-Wu who are selling them now as much as 50% off.  Please feel free to contact her at +63 917 529 5358 for the list of available games and their prices.  You can also check out

I'm always on the lookout for activities for the kids that do not involve screentime (tablets, smartphones and TVs).  Should you have some ideas, please feel free to share them.

Hope everyone had a restful weekend!

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