Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ben turns 5 :)

As Ben's birthday months comes to a close, Bry and I would like to say thanks to the special people who helped made his birthday fun, meaningful and memorable.  I admit, I like seeing him happy and I exert a bit of extta effort doing so every January. 

Ben wanted a Minecraft party so we asked a little help in making it possible for him and his classmates at school.  The bento boxes from the Bentomommas were a hit and tasted good, too! I inquired if they can personalizes the bento boxes with cheese slices.  Even the teachers found them cute.  Oh, the twins also enjoyed eating the extra meals I ordered for them.

Then we capped of his birthday week with a swimming playdate.  I was so thankful to Bry that he suggested we set it on the 17th. I originally set it on the 18th which would not have been ideal since it was the date of the pope's mass at Luneta.  We booked the kiddie pool of the Quezon City Sports Club.   Thank you to my parents for being members of QCSC.  Thanks to family and friends who took time out of their busy schedule to drop by (even the adults!).  The kids seemed to have enjoyed, not wanting to get up from the pool, except to go up the slide.  I hope the adults had a good time, too.  Personally, I was glad to have gotten the chance to chat with other mommy friends.

I received a lot of compliments about the way the pool area was decorated.  I'd like to once again say thank you to Mic Tatad-King and the Twinhouse Creatives team.  The set-up was simple, lovely and fun.  We had a welcome area, a space for the water pistols and water balloons, and a dessert table.  The centerpieces were a nice touch, too! I have a soft spot for fresh flowers.  Here are some photos courtesy of Twinhouse Creative's Facebook Page.  

Thank you, once again to those who celebrated with us.  To our Ben, please remember that you are loved.  May you grow up to be wiser, kinder and closer to God each year

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