Friday, February 27, 2015

Ben's final year at Explorations

I recently had my last PTC with Ben at Explorations.  It was bitter sweet because he had come a long way since he started school and I will miss these opportunities of the school setting aside one hour to talk about your child. Over the years, Ben has learned to regulate his emotions better, be more sensitive to others and find creative ways to solve problems.  I hope these skills will help him do well as he moves on to big school next year.

I must admit, I was not a very "diligent" mom when I was scouting schools for Ben.  I mean, I didn't visit a lot of schools, but narrowed my choices only to a select few then relied on feedback from my mommy friends.  There no regrets, however :)  Explorations has become Ben's second home and I appreciated not only the things he learned from school but the genuine concern the teachers and staff have for its students.  I have grown and evolved as a parent because of the things I've learned from the people at school.  More importantly, with each chat with a teacher, I had come to know Ben better.  The same goes with the girls.  They really try to treat them individually even if they are twins.  I also like that they see teaching kids as a collaborative effort between school and the home.  One of the things I surely will miss about Explorations are the regular updates on how Ben is doing.

I admit, I am very nervous about Ben moving up to Xavier.  But at same time, Ben and I move up to big school with a grateful heart for everything Explorations has done for us.  Enjoy the rest of the school year, my little man!

(Photos by Lawrence del Mundo)

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