Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Focus on the " Finish Line"

The past few days have been challenging for me.  The twins have been keeping me up all night and because I've been stressed, I haven't been pumping my best yeild. There were moments when I'd cry just to release the pressure I was feeling, then pray hoping that things would get better.

I'm blessed to have Ben, and I hold on to my experience with him and tell myself that the twins will grow up and reach his age, too.  Ben is sort of the "finish line" or the "goal". I try to look back at those challenging nights during his newborn days and tell myself, if I survived during those days, then there's a chance I'll make it this time, too. When I am worried about my capability to feed for two, I tell myself that during Ben's days, I had more than enough milk so maybe this time I'll be enough for my two girls.  These nights may be challenging but just as Ben eventually slept through the whole night, so will our lovely daughters.  It's just a matter of time.

So here's sending hugs and mommy/daddy powers to all new parents out there.  Lets all hold on and have faith that things will get better (sleep-wise and feeding-wise) :) 


  1. chin up nats!! remember... one day at a time :D it will get easier!

  2. Hi nats, i;m a regular reader of your blog and i thankful for what you write on breastfeeding! Things will get better. For me,lack of sleep was really a major problem. i remember i also struggled in the first two months with my newborn but he eventually slept through the night and i got my well deserved rest. Know that i'm cheering you on as you breastfeed your twins! GO GO GO!