Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy 2nd month, girls!

Happy 2nd Month, Bree and Bea :)

It's been quite a ride with the twins and ahia Ben. Now that I'm not on house arrest anymore, it's becoming a challenge to strike a balance between spending quality time with Ben outside the house and spending time with the twins who are still at home all the time.

Ben can really be a handful and my lack of sleep can make me quite cranky.  Therefore it is a blessing that despite all the craziness, I am still able to get to know the twins better individually.  I must say, they're basically two different babies who just happened to be born almost at the same time.

Bree reminds us so much of Ben, physically as well as her demeanor.  She's the better latcher and likes her needs to be met instantly.  Her naps are short and likes to ne cuddled all the time.

Bea on the other hand, is more laid back.  More often than not, she would willingly wait for her turn after her sister is fed.  She does take her time, though.  When I tandem feed the twins, Bree would often finish earlier rhan bea even if Bea had a headstart.  Bea's eyes are bigger, too, which can be quite endearing when she stares at you wide awake at 3am.

I am trying to keep myself from wanting the twins to grow up quickly, but I do admit I am quite curious as how they will show their differences in personalities as they grow older.

Please join me and Bry as we give thanks for another month with the kids (yes, kulit ahia Ben included) and for their good health. :)

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  1. awww you have adorable kids.... see you soon again!