Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twins update at 3 months :)

The twins just turned 3 months. Yes, it has been more fun now that they have more waking hours but with this month comes the growth spurt.  The marathon feedings at night are very challenging but when I feel tired, I try to close my eyes and be thankful that God has entrusted such wonderful girls to me and Bry.  I'll still feel tired but somehow I get by.

The twins still continue to show their difference in personalities.  Bridget likes watching ahia Ben play and doesn't mind it when he's noisy and makes a mess of their room.  Bea prefers to watch the trees from the window and gives a little frown when their room isn't orderly. 

I feel blessed to still be breastfeeding the twins.  I still prefer feeding the girls one after the other than feeding them at the same time.  However, I tandem feed the girls when needed.  I'm only comfortable feeding them via the football hold.  I've been trying to research on other breastfeeding positions for twins.  Here's hoping I get to learn another position by the time they reach four months :)

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