Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Small Victories

Last week was a week of small victories. Nothing fancy, but sometimes having the little things go your way can cheer you up big time.

I've been thinking of buying swimming fins for Ben but didn't know where to look for one that's his size. Luckily, his coach and fellow parents from his swimming classes told us about Aquamundo, a shop for swimming and diving wear in Makati. I was able to buy it in time for Ben's next swimming lesson. I was also able to buy him a new pair of goggles to replace the one he broke, yehey

I was also determined to watch two movies during the week. I wanted to watch Sarah Geronimo and John Lyodd's It Takes a Man and a Woman and of course the much awaited Ironman 3. I've been looking forward to watching these movies for months. It may not seem like a big deal but planning to watch a movie when you have newborns at home isn't easy. We almost didn't make it to the time slots we planned on watching because of traffic. For both movies, we had to ask the ticket attendant to let us in even if we were late. During the Ironman show, we even had the usher of the theater go to the ticket seller to tell her that there were still available seats in front. We were lucky we were able to make it. (PS. We were lucky with the other movie, too! It takes a Man and a Woman has been in theaters for a month by the time we watch it, some movies don't last that long)

It may not seem much but sometimes having the little things go your way can re-energize you big time. What's your latest "small victory"?

(Movie poster photos courtesy of wikipedia :))

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