Wednesday, January 11, 2012

why I adore our two year old Ben

1. can say please and thank you

2. counts 1-10 when he's on a good mood (skips 6 sometimes, though, hehe)

3. wipes his shoes on the floor mat before entering the house ( which I sometimes forget to do myself )

4. makes sure I get a kiss from Bry before he leaves for work every morning

5. calls older kids ahia and achi (big brother and big sister in chinese)

6. helps yaya pack-away his bath stuff

7. calls me from the intercom to come down for dinner

8. knows the difference between an ipad, ipod touch and an iphone

9. sings and dances with feelings, like no one is watching and eyes closed

10. says uh-oh when I lecture him (hope he gets the message, too)

happy birthday, darling! may God bless you more and more each day!


  1. Wooow!! Ang dami na!
    I can;t wait for Kailee to start doing those!! Hehehehe....

  2. haha, are you sure, mommy Didi? because once they show their kakulitan, there's no turning back, hahaha! Hi Kailee! I'm sure you'll be as smart and as pretty as your mommy (naks!)