Monday, January 30, 2012

Ben's favorite TV shows

Now that Ben is two, He is "officially" allowed to watch television.  I admit we are guilty of letting him watch even before his second birthday.  ( We really tried, but failed :P )  For mommies and daddies who are looking for suggestions what to let their toddler watch, here are some of Ben's favorites :)

Ben loves this show because of the catchy songs and he likes watching the kids dancing to them.  I was a bit skeptic when I first watched an episode but both Bry and I ended up having L-S-S!

I admit, It took me a while to give in and let Ben become a fan of this purple dino.  Pros: Barney teaches viewers good manners like sharing and packing away.  I wished there were more current episodes though.  The ones we have are with Selena Gomez as little girl!

Sesame Street
My personal favorite for Ben.  I was a Sesame Street girl so I'm quite glad that Ben likes the show as well.  I love how the show tries to stay current and involves popular personalities.  Ben also enjoys watching The Best of Elmo and Bert & Ernie adventures.  We downloaded some video clips from youtube to keep Ben occupied when we're on along a trip.

Brainy Baby
This is the first type of show Ben watched.  The intentions are good but it lacks something to keep the viewers engaged for a long time.  Basically it introduces colors, shapes and numbers using real life objects. But there's no main character to interact with.  Ben was interested for a while but eventually got bored.  It has some nice ideas as to how to teach your child everyday concepts though.

Disney Junior Shows - We actually switched our cable tv's plan so we can have this channel.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and Jake & the Neverland Pirates are Ben's favorites.  What's good about these shows are each episode is short which keeps the kids entertained but not long enough to be on "autopilot" mode.

Watching TV is nothing compared to playing outdoors or reading a book with your little one.  Still, it's good to know there are some quality shows out there.  It's also helpful to explain to the kids what they're watching so they learn more.

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