Monday, January 30, 2012

Goodbye, my precious Medela Freestyle Pump (for now, hehe)

To be honest, I am quite nervous about this post because it makes it so real, hehe :)

As of today, I have been "pump-free" for about two weeks.  For the past two years, I've been pumping milk for Ben aside from directly feeding him.  We usually feed him the express milk over breakfast.  I told myself that when he turns two, I'll see if I can stop pumping.  He now drinks a glass of fresh milk each day, then feeds directly for the rest of the day.

This is a big deal for me because this move is a major step in our weaning process.  It may not seem much because he still gets his dose of breast milk but still a lifestyle change.  Any pumping mom would agree that expressing milk takes time and commitment.  During the first few days of being pump free, I was still in "self-denial", but I reminded myself of the times I was so stressed with the time I spent pumping and being anxious over whether or not I have enough milk.  It was about time to move on and I wasn't much of a happy pumper anymore.  Now, I wonder how I'd deal with the concept of eventually fully weaning him.  I admit, as much as I look forward to it (whenever that might be), I'm scared because with all the viruses going around breastfeeding is one of the best things I can do to keep Ben healthy.

Anyway, to keep this post on a happy note and to give my pump the recognition it deserves for a job well done, here are some unique circumstances / places that I expressed milk for Ben during our two year run

(1) inside the cubicle of a mall comfort room, while overhearing someone asking her companion if what I was doing is sanitary. They were talking in Chinese, probably not realizing I can understand them (since I don't have chinked eyes)  What's a mama to do? There were no breastfeeding rooms in the area

(2) while watching a movie ( don't ask me how, lets just say I wanted to save time and I had my wrap with me anyway)

(3) during our prayer group meetings (thanks for being understanding, friends!)

(4) at 3am in the morning, while watching How I Met Your Mother ( sitcoms are the best pumping companion, they make you relax and are exactly 20 minutes long)

(5) at the prayer room during a retreat

 Thanks for the memories, my pumping friend.  You made my breastfeeding journey easier.  Time to rest and save your energy.  We shall hopefully meet again (wink!)


  1. Great WONDERFUL job Mommy nats!! Ang galing mo!! Two years!! WOW!!

  2. thanks dear!!! I actually didn't think I'd last this long when I was starting out. You're about to reach the 1 year mark na, good job!!!!!