Monday, August 8, 2011

Why we bought our "super" coffee maker :)

For those who visited our home recently, you may have noticed our new coffee maker.  It's actually almost two months old now.  It's really cool.  It grinds the beans on its own and makes single serving drinks of black coffee or cappuccino.  We would usually say that we bought it because of Bry since he's the coffee drinker.  What most people don't know is one of the main reasons why we invested on it is because we love having visitors around.

The Latest Addition to the Tan Household :)
Simple enough reason, right? Almost everyone likes to have a cup of coffee and what better way to entertain visitors than to serve them a cup of a freshly brewed cappuccino?  But why do I love having visitors in the first place, well ... for one ... it means we get to spend time with our love ones without the stress of leaving the house.  Don't get me wrong, I love going out but you see, with a child around, leaving the house is not quite simple.  (Yes, even if you have a Yaya)  Our weekly Sunday breakfast which is about an hour usually takes as much time to prepare for.  There are a lot of things to consider every time we leave the house.  Where will Ben eat? How will he take his nap? Is the place we are going child-friendly? Do we need to bring toys or books? Does he have enough change of clothes? Will we bring yaya? If yes, how will yaya eat? What time will be we going home? ( For me, there are times when it is less stressful to bring yaya since I have to attend to her as well)  The list goes on and on and on .... whereas if we are at home, it's much simpler.  I know Ben can keep himself occupied in his playroom.  I know he naps better in our bed.  And as much as I know I can nurse him anywhere at anytime, I also know he is less distracted if we are in a quiet and familiar area.   Ok, so if going out with the little master is stressful, then why not leave him? Well, (1) we really don't want to leave him .. (2) We know family and friends want to see him and (3) Not bringing Ben = most probably bringing my pump - which is added luggage

Now with all those things in mind, being able to serve quality coffee  to love ones who decided to come to us to spare us the hassle of preparing to leave the house is the least we can do.  It's our way of showing our appreciation to those who made things a little easier for us.  Fellow mommies, you can somehow relate right? :)

Have a stress-free week ahead, everyone!

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  1. Nats! Hahaha!! Tama ka.. I get stressed too BUT my husband, the yaya and Kailee are lakwatseras! They enjoy going out, so parang ako lang yung nasestress! Hahaha... :)

    Let's bump into everyone soon!!