Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy Nats' Birthday Giveaway by Latch A Babe Nursing Wear!

I love nursing wear! I think they're one of the best inventions ever! Okay, I may be exaggerating but bear with me because it's this breastfeeding mama's BIRTHDAY! (well .. in a few days anyway, haha!)

My love affair with nursing started even before I gave birth.  I accidentally bought some as part of my maternity wardrobe.  I remember awkwardly practicing with them in front of the mirror and felt so weird.  I've come a long way since then.  I had transformed my whole wardrobe into nursing wear, from pajamas, to formal dresses to swimsuits.  All of the clothes I wear have nursing access even when I am going out without Ben because I want to be prepared to nurse or pump anytime anywhere.

One of my favorite brands of nursing wear is L.A.B. or Latch A Babe.   They're fashionable, reasonable priced and very well made.  What's  great about them is that their fabrics are very light which is perfect for our climate here in manila.  I also like that they are designed in such a way that their nursing access are functional but not too obvious, perfect for Ben who isn't a fan of the breastfeeding wrap.

So in celebration of my birthday and breastfeeding month this August, my friends for LAB nursing wear and I are giving away a nursing top  and two 20% off gift certificates to three lucky readers.

To join, simply:
  1. Become a fan of L.A.B wears on facebook by clicking here
  2. Comment with a "happy birthday mommy Nats" on this blog entry

 We'll ask out little master Ben to draw the winners :)

Take note, these clothes look good not just for pregnant or nursing mommies.  Daddies can also join in.  It's a great way for earn points for your wives!  Good Luck everyone!

Deadline of entries is on August 31, 2011


  1. I am joining! ;-) hehe. A blessed happy birthday to you Mommy Nats! ;-) *Kailan ba talaga? ;-) From one breastfeeding momma to another! ;-)

  2. i am joining your giveaway!!!

    happy birthday mommy Nats!

    ive been eyeing LAB nursing wear in ebay. this is a great giveaway nats!


  3. thanks mommies Tina and Kate! We'll keep you posted. Good luck and God Bless your families. Happy Breastfeeding Month!

  4. happy birthday mommy nats! :) ben looks adorable and mukhang makulit... but then again, kids are really makulit regardless of age!

    *psst ben, pick tita cheska ah!*

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY NATS!! I'm a new mum, have a 9-week old Fil-
    Brit son. Hoping to win as I have been having a hard time finding nice nursing wear :)

    Hope I win!! Kisses to your handsome little Ben!

    Hilary xxx

  6. Happy Birthday Mommy Nats!
    This is fun & exciting!
    Happy Breastfeeding!

  7. happy birthday mommy Nats!

  8. happy birthday mommy nats! :)im also joining your giveaway :) this is so great! I've seen LAB before and is one of the things on my wishlist :)

    God bless :)

  9. happy birthday mommy nats!!! sali ako sa giveaway... thanks for including me in this link! yeheeey! hopefully another nursing wear for me. :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Mommy Nats!

    Happy breastfeeding to all the mommies here! :)

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Mommy Nats!! :)
    It was super nice bumping into you last Saturday!! :)


  12. Happy happy birthdayyyyyy!!! (",) (",) (",)

    -Jan Tan

  13. happy birthday mommy nats! see you soon!

  14. happy birthday mommy Nats! hope to see you and ben soon :)

  15. Happy birthday Mommy Nats! :) See you and Ben soon! :)

  16. Finally i got my blogger account to work. I'm joining your giveaway ha!!! happy happy birthday Nats!!! I'm so happy that we get to bump into each other in soo many different unexpected places! good luck to us and hopefully more and more mommies join our efforts in breastfeeding!

  17. happy birthday mom nats! my 3mo old is not a fan of nursing covers too, she doesn't like to cover her face hehe, hope I win this.. Pick my name Ben.

  18. Happy birthday mommy Nats!!!

  19. thanks for the entries, mommies! hope you're keeping safe and dry over the rainy long weekend. Please ask your fellow breastfeeding moms to join. DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, AUG 31 :)

    for mommies XAI, BUMMER, KIMPS and PEVS - may I have your email addresses so I can contact you in case you win? :) Thanks

    - Nats

  20. I wish you a blessed birthday, Mommy Nats! :) I'm a new mom and also breastfeeding my 3-months-old baby, so having your lab nursing wear would be perfect!

    More power to you, Mommy Nats! :)

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