Friday, August 12, 2011

Why go to a Pedia-Pulmo?

We recently took Ben to his pedia-pulmonologist.  He was due for a check-up and I heard him cough twice that day so it was good timing for a visit.  I like Ben's Pedia-Pulmo because he seems to be "hiyang" with him (knock on wood).  It was the pedia-pulmo who recommended we use the nebulizer when Ben was coughing so hard a few days before his birthday.  We eventually got one that's portable and rechargeable - totally worth it.  He is  asthma prone na pala because of our family history.Good thing he improved after a couple of days.  It was also him who suggested he give Ben something for his allergic rhinnitis when I got frustrated because his colds won't go away.  We also learned from him the proper use of nasal drops when Ben's nose was so congested he couldn't sleep well.And as an added bonus, Ben is comfortable with him, too. he's not fussy whenever the doctor checks him with the stetoscope.  This is important since it's hard to listen with the stetoscope when the baby's crying, and it was the best way to find out whether Ben's cough was a point of concern.

Ben and his buddy - Mr. Nebulizer

Anyway, so I'm grateful that Ben has a pedia-pulmonologist we can turn to.  At his age, he's still building up his immune system and trying to learn to express himself.  It's good that there's someone who knows what to look for and speak for him (Ben) before he feels worse.

Praying for everyone's good health.  Don't hesitate to see the doctor when needed.  Better to be safe than sorry

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  1. hi mommy Nats Ben and Nate are the same, we also use nebulizer for him when he coughs and mejo suki siya sa nasal drops but I'm also happy with our pedia-pulmo doctor, napapagaling niya talaga si Nate and (knocks on wood too) hiyang naman si Nate sa kanya!