Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ben at Explorations - An update

It has been a month since Ben started school and I’m quite glad that he and his cute classmates are settling well into their 2 hour schedule. Interested in what keeps the toddler busy? Here’s an idea of what their classes are like:

* Playing Outdoors – 25 minutes

* Wash-Up – 5 minutes

* Quiet Time / Nap time – 5 minutes ( believe me, getting 6 toddlers to sit still for even 5 seconds is no easy task)

* Work / Play Time (Painting, Building, Playing Pretend) – 45 minutes

* Circle Time (Greeting / Action Songs) - 5 minutes

* Preparation for Snack Time (Praying and Washing Up) - 5 minutes

* Snacktime - 20 minutes

* Storytime / Goodbye Song – 10 Minutes

It’s really nice how the kids are becoming more familiar with the routine. I enjoy seeing the things like praying and washing hands before eating. Ben has been spending a lot of time playing with the toy oven, pot and pans. Then there was one time, he got a baby doll and brought it to my chest (for me to nurse, I guess, haha!). He’s been quite rough with his girl classmates though, hmmm …. We’ve been trying to tell him to be gentle with your hands. Hopefully, he’ll do better in the coming months.

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