Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spreading the Word on Breastfeeding

"Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (July). For this month, we join the National Nutrition Council - Department of Health in celebrating Nutrition Month with the theme "Isulong ang Breastfeeding - Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo!" Participants will share their experiences in promoting breastfeeding or their tips on how breastfeeding should be promoted. Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants."

Ever since I had Ben, I've been trying my best to promote breastfeeding to the people around me. It's a challenge to be passionate about a certain cause but at the same time, not be too pushy. Here are some of the things I've been trying to do to make my family and friends more informed about the benefits of breastfeeding.

To see is to believe!
For me, the best way for others to see how breastfeeding is advantageous to both mom and baby is to actually observe it themselves. Ben is a generally healthy kid and I give credit to breastfeeding for that. My aunts appreciate the fact that it's quite convenient for us to bring along in our impromptu shopping trips since I can nurse Ben anytime anywhere. My best friend gave me a dress with nursing access for my birthday because she knows it has became part of my wardrobe. I like showing how the choice to breastfeed can be made easy and fun.

Make you husband your ally
Bry and I knew nothing about breastfeeding before we had Ben, but I am happy to say that we're more informed now. Even so, there's still a lot to be learned about its benefits. I do my best to share with my husband whenever I find new trivia about the power of breast milk. Hopefully he'll spread the word to his fellow dads as well.

Be encouraging to fellow moms
I remember meeting a high school batch mate after so many years at a party. I noticed she was wearing a nursing top and I felt an instant connection with her. Corny, huh? But there's something about the experience of nursing that bonds moms, and who can best cheer you on during your breastfeeding blues than someone who has been there. I wouldn't be breastfeeding until now if it weren't for my mommy friends who were there to answer my calls and text 24/7 especially when Ben was still a newborn. This is why I get excited and feel honored whenever there is an opportunity for me to pay it forward. I do my best to be there for my love ones who are new moms and dads. I also had the chance to share my experiences with a group of soon-to-be parents and made sure I mention where to get the support they need. I really believe that having someone you can talk to really helps sustain breastfeeding.

You don't have to be a parent to be informed and involved
One doesn't have to be a parent to appreciate breastfeeding. Ben's yaya is now an advocate after being able to understand how it's like to take care of an exclusively breastfed baby. I also get to chat about it with the teachers and yayas from Ben's school. Whenever my single friends ask me about breastfeeding, I give them tidbits on how it's beneficial even for toddler and share them about my experience with my lactation consultant. Chances are they might know remember a thing or two when they have their own children or share what they know with someone who does.

You do not need to go very far to promote breastfeeding. The best place to start is with the people you interact with everyday. Personally, there are a lot of things that I can still be doing but more importantly, I'm hoping to become even more equipped with the proper information so that I can be a good resource. Aside from the various references I find online, I'm hoping to get proper training so that I'll be qualified to support moms. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. I have to agree on the connection. Somehow, with our yahoogroups - feeling ko nakilala ko more yung mga batchmates natin. I am super grateful to Joy for starting the group and you guys - kasi sa inyo ako natuto and na-encourage!! Kudos to Tazian Mommies!! Bump into you soon Nats!

  2. That's really a good way of putting it -- be passionate about the cause without being too pushy. As Benz Rana puts it, let's try not to be too "gung-ho" about breastfeeding lest we alienate the moms and would-be moms whom we are supposed to help and support. :)

  3. having the 24/7 support is also essential - and i don't mean counselors or pediatricians. but rather, what i found really useful was having the numbers/emails of my friends who had successfully breastfed and who were ready to answer my questions, issues and concerns. it would be great if all new moms would have this kind of support group :D

  4. Thanks Everyone :)

    @Jenny - Miss Jen! You are one of those people who were generous enough to share their knowledge during my early days of breastfeeding. I am grateful to you!

  5. My online support group was probably the most helpful before and after I gave birth. I was amazed at how easy it is to get answers to my questions - directly from other breastfeeding moms.

    BTW, great shirt. I have it too! :D

  6. from Mec as Mom

    hi... for some reason, i cant leave comments in your blog.... can you just please post mine for me?

    Aliw naman your yaya... but you're so right. You don't have to be a parent to advocate, same way that you don't have to be an adult to know more about breastfeeding. Which is why I hope we'll just bring breastfeeding back into our culture... and not shelve it for some future, adult use.
    after all, it benefits and affects the entire family.

    thanks... love the pic!!! :)

  7. Thanks for the kind words and the compliments on the shirt :) It's one of my favorites :) Happy weekend, gorgeous mommies!

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