Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battling Separation Anxiety

As Ben adjusts to going to school on his own, we still have to reach a point where I can leave him with his teachers and classmates for the whole session. Though we are in no rush, our goal is that he eventually becomes comfortable enough that he doesn't look for me during class time. Here are some tips I got from his school's newsletter that may help other parents as well. Good job, Explorations!

Make Goodbyes Short and Sweet
Be consistent, firm and loving when you say goodbye to your little one. Stay calm. As tempting it is may seem, don't rush back at the first sound of protest. Children will feel confident with the new adults if you show them that they are to be trusted by not checking up on them every few minutes.

Let them bring along something that reminds them of home
If allowed by the school, try having your child bring his/her favorite toy during the adjustment phase or have him carry along a family photo inside his pocket. Having something familiar in a new environment might give her/her a sense of comfort and become less cranky.

Help the new adult relate to your child
Provide "insider information" as to what your child likes might help those in school reach out to him/her. Are there certain keywords or signs that can help the teacher communicate to your child better? Maybe having the teacher read a familiar story might break the ice.

Thanks Teachers Giselle and Jinky for the insights :) Wish us luck with Ben at school tomorrow :)

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