Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ben's First Day in Explorations Preschool

Ben has found a second home in Explorations Preschool. He'll be in their Toddler's Piglets Class, cute huh? =) And for this special day, Daddy Bry took the time to take him to school and observe how the little binata is with his new teachers and classmates. It took us a while before deciding to enroll him. Here are a few things we considered

1. School's Program
When we first visited Explorations, we were very happy with their approach to teaching and disciplining the little ones. Their teaching method is progressive, systematic but not forced. They even have field trips for the older kids.

2. Location, Location, Location
We are lucky that Explorations is a very good school and it's quite near our house. We can actually walk to it if we really really really need to (or ride a tricycle, hehe). Bry and I actually didn't consider if there were preschools nearby when we decided where to live but were blessed that we had a lot of choices

3. Teacher-Student Ratio
Explorations has about 200+ students with 40+ teachers, plus the yayas and the manongs. I like the individual attention they give to the kids and their families. Ben's teacher know me and Bry by name and personally texted us about the orientation. I was impressed by that. They have a yaya in charge of the children if they were dropped off too early or picked-up late.

4. Short term and Long Term goals, Progress Reports
During our parent interview, we were able to express what we hope for Ben during his stay in the school. They also have 3 Parent-Teacher conferences to discuss the child's progress.

5. How Ben feels about the school
During his trial class, Ben seems quite comfortable with his surroundings. He interacted with the people around him and didn't seem too attached to me or Bry. This was one of the signs that we felt it was a good idea to send him there. A tip we got from one of our parent friends was to arrive early so Ben can warm up and settle down before going to class.

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