Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ben's Baby Havaianas

Our Little Binata went shopping for his first pair of flip flops at Greenbelt 5 yesterday, courtesy of Gua-Ma :) We got him a pair of baby Havaianas. I think it's so cute and cool that they have designs for Ben's age. Hopefully, it will help him get the hang of walking around the house with slippers. I also hope that this pair will be comfortable enough for him. I noticed two days ago that both of his feet had early signs of a blister so I was worried that it was caused by one of the sandals he was wearing, which made me more careful about his footwear.

We bought the baby Havaianas at All Flip Flops at the second floor of the mall. The sales staff was accommodating. A nice tip we got was you can stitch the back strap of the slippers if it's too loose. This made us choose a size that a slight allowance so he can use it for a long time. My mom and I were actually tempted to buy for ourselves but our budget was only for Ben, hehe! Hope you guys enjoy the photos :)

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