Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things I've learned about Managing my Time as a Mommy

Just wanted to share .. ;)

Being a parent is like a time-management booth camp, and over dinner last night, one of the things Bry and I talked about was how the way we handled our schedule has changed ever since we had Ben.  Here are the things we've learned so far ..

Plan ahead
Our Friday dinner dates are also our "business meetings".  We talk about the schedule for the following week.  Bry is usually more accurate when it comes to estimating travel time so I run by him our usually busy weekend schedule to get his opinion if we can really get everything done.

Be realistic
Having Ben around means things take twice the time to get done.  I remember last Christmas when we attempted to go the parties of both our sides of the family.  I already had a feeling we can only choose one but still wanted to try it out only to get disappointed.  It was then that I realized that we really couldn't do party-hopping anymore with him around, besides, it is better to spend quality time on one event.

Home service saves time
I was fortunate enough to have my best friend refer me to a beautician who does home service, and Bry's mom found a good masseuse.  Having an option of doing these things at home is a real time saver and not necessary more expensive.

Power of multitasking
I have to thank breastfeeding for teaching me the value of multitasking.  I remember the days when Bry would feed me while I was nursing Ben, and one of my favorites, watching a 20 minute TV sit-com while pumping.

Naps are sacred
Ben's naptime = me time, for reading, planning the menu or taking a nap of my own :) 

Location, location, location
I am thankful that Ben's school is nearby.  We can manage to get ready even if he wakes up less than an hour before class.  I am grateful that we are happy with the mall, church, restaurants and grocery in our area.  With traffic nowadays, you cannot underestimate the advantages of being happy with what your neighborhood has to offer.  

5 minute showers and 10 minute lunches
Yup, that's me.  when  Ben was a newborn, that was the only time I have to do them so I had to do things super fast.

Delegate and do tag teams
Bry and I are a tag team with Ben.  When one needs a break, the other one takes over.  It's how we get around to keeping up with Ben's energy

Be respectful of other people's schedule
When you say, you'll make it to an event, be there.  Let the other person know as soon as you realize you'll be late (and really try to catch up).  Plan ahead to avoid disappointing people you agreed to spend time with and apologize if you really can't help it.

Life is too short to do the things you don't want to do, and only you are the best person to judge if you're time is well spent.