Monday, June 4, 2012

Winner of Daddy Bry's Birthday Month Giveaway!!!!

As promised, we are proud to announce the winner of 2 Jean Perry Ultra Soft Pillows that we're giving away to celebrate Bry's birthday month.  Thanks to everyone who joined.  I wish I can give each of you the prize but there can only be one so .... :)

Superdad Bry took time out from his busy schedule (hahaha) to pick-out the winner and congratulations to...

MOMMY IRIS !!!!! :):) :)

So happy for you that you won! Hope your visitors will love your new pillows!!! Muwah!

Thanks again for everyone who's been reading my blog.  It's been a hectic couple of weeks but hopefully I'll get around to posting new entries soon, especially the one you have suggested in the entries for this giveaway!!!

Have a God-filled week!

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  1. thanks for writing about this, and ben was so cute in there