Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mommy Review: Jean Perry Memory Foam Body Pillow

Look what the gentlemen of Casa La Armonia sent me and Ben  ...:)

a Jean Perry Memory Foam body pillow, wow!!!
 Hmm... I wonder how a body pillow can fit it inside the box

Oh, that's why, the foam is folded,
just shows how durable and flexible it is.

Now for the ultimate test,
soft and long enough for Ben to hug with his arms and legs, check

hmmm ...soothing smell.   .. check!
(Ben loves the Aloe Vera smell, very relaxing..
Lets all chant now "You are getting sleepy")

Knocked out!!! Asleep in less than 30 minutes, check!

These Memory Foam pillows are not your ordinary body pillows.  What makes them special?

(1) The foam contours to the shape of your body.  Not too soft, no too hard, just right.  It helps you maintain good body posture when sleeping you wake up feeling really refreshed. (PS. The size is approximately 18 x 44 inches)

(2) It has aloe vera gel that helps soothe your hair and skin, perfect for busy mom like me who want to feel fresh and pretty but don't have the luxury of time for an elaborate nighttime routine

and GOOD NEWS, there is a deal at Gupo to get this pillow at 40 off. Check out the deal site here.  Hurry !!! the offer is until Saturday June 9, 2012 only!!!

Now, since Ben likes this pillow, I wonder if I should get another one for myself, hmm .. :)

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