Friday, June 1, 2012

Potty training Ben Ben

As requested by some mommy friends, I'm writing an entry about potty training our little Master. At 2.5 years Ben is about 50% (?) potty trained. We let him wear diapers only outdoors and during bedtime/nap time. It's not much, but progress nonetheless.

It helped that we try to establish a consistent potty routine for him in the morning before bath time. We've been trying this for some time now but only got a real system going during summer break from school.  I bought him several pairs of cheap briefs and shorts so we won't stress about having to catch up on laundry.  I think he actually prefers not wearing any diapers since it's more comfy.  He would now tell us if he wants to poo or pee, tell us if he's finished, and flush afterwards.  We're still in the stage when we have to act really fast once he says he needs to go to the bathroom in order to prevent accidents.  And true to his nature of being pilyo and maharot, he finds a way to make potty time interesting, like telling us to close our eyes until he's done and playing with the bidet hose. It's still a lot of work but we've come a long way since trying to chase him around to change his dirty nappy.

I'm grateful of the progress we have made so far.  I still don't know when we'll be able to go without diapers during naps and bedtime, I've read that it's best to watch out for signs and not to rush into it.  I try to get him to pee almost every hour whenever he's awake so I'm not sure how to go about lasting the whole night.  I'd love to hear the potty training stories of other parents and learn from them.

Sharing Ben's first and only potty pic for way back when he was less than a year old.  I don't have any new photos since he now becoming a little self conscious during potty time, hmm... kids grow up so fast, huh? :)

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!

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