Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kikay tips for the non-Kikay mom

I am not a kikay gal.  I wish I was, though :) I'm not the type of person who wears makes-up every time she leaves the house but I do love being made us especially on special occasions.  During Ben's first few months, my mom even had to remind me to fix myself up when going out so that I don't look "losyang".  I admit, I still have my "losyang" days but I'm working on it.  I try to get inspiration from mommy friends who are busier than I am but manage to look really great.  So if you are a "non-kikay" like me, but want to feel and look good, here are my favorite kikay tips.

(1) Make sure your clothes fit you just right
Sometimes, all it takes to feel good is wearing a nice dress that flatters your figure.
I've been buying most of my clothes online ever since I had Ben. Thankfully, the suppliers I bought them from usually allow me to return the clothes if they don't fit. I do have some pieces of clothing that I had to have altered because they didn't fit right. I had to spend a little more but beats not being happy each time I put them on.

(2) Moisturize

Our skin can get pretty dry especially when we sleep with the aircon on all night. I've been using Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist as moisturizer.  I think it's cool that it can even be used after you put on make-up. (just spray it lightly towards your face)

(3) Practice Good Grooming
Keep your salon appointments. I always feel sexy after I have my nails cleaned, eyebrows threaded and legs waxed. hahaha! I seldom have my nails polished anymore since I can't seem to find time to take them off when they don't look nice anymore.  Besides, it's hard to have long nails with a little one in the house.

(4) Take care of that pretty smile!

Visit the dentist at least every 6 months. Have some floss handy in your bag just in case. Another tip I received is to use an electric toothbrush. It helps you to quickly and efficiently clean the hard to reach areas in your mouth. I recommend Oral B Vitality. It's one of the cheapest rechargeable electric toothbrushes I know. Its replaceable brushes are fairly easy to find in big Mercury Drug, Watsons, and SM department store branches.

(5) Freshen-Up Regularly
It is so hard to feel constantly fresh in our very humid weather, which is why I'm thankful for baby powders.  They can instantly make you feel fresh and clean!  I'm even more thankful that I found a supplier of liquid baby powder online.  Ben and I love the scent of Baby Spa VCO Liquid Baby Powder.  I also like that it has a lid so it doesn't spill on your bag.  A word of caution though, it can leave a bit of powder stains in your clothes (easily washable, but best to be careful the first few times you use it)

(6) Have a basic make-up kit
For this tip, I called on the expertise of a mommy friend from school who always manages to come to school looking fab despite being a mom to a 5 year old boy. I am trying to rebuild my make-up kit and got her recommendations.

Foundation - Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Perfecting Foundation - has SPF and can be used for both light and heavy make-up.  (It's best to get a good brand of foundation to protect you pretty face)

Lipstick  - Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick - Neutral in color and moisturizes the lips so it doesn't feel dry, works well for all skin tones, yehey!

Blush / Eyes - Body Shop Shimmer Waves - Since I don't use make-up everyday, I'm glad that this blush can be used not just the checks but also the eyes.  I'm quite partial to earth tones so I'm happy with the shades.  For the cheeks, just use the lighter tones during the day and a mix of all of the tones if you want to look extra glam at night.

Make-Up Remover - Removing make-up is such a chore! (for me at, at least)  I was looking for a fast and easy way to remove everyday make-up when a mommy friend asked me to try the Neutrogena facial cleanser.  She loves it because it effectively removes everyday make-up (blush and foundation).  Now all you need is to have a small tube of waterproof eye make-up remover for those special occasions when you have your full make-up on.

7. Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock!
If there's someone in our family that really needs sunblock, it's daddy Bry.  His works calls for him to be outdoors a lot, yet it takes a lot of convincing on my part to get him to wear sunscreen.  I recently bought him 2 bottles of Beach Hut Spray On Sunblock.  (One for each of the cars so he doesn't have an excuse).  It is clear, non-greasy and not quite messy.  I admit, there is still some improvement to be made in getting the whole family to wear sunblock but I think this is the type that fits us the best.

So there you go .. :) Hope these tips help and please do share your own tips so I can learn from them, too!!! I actually find it funny that I am writing this entry when I am not a glam girl myself.  Enjoy the coming weekend, I know I am looking forward to it. :)

PS. Please be aware of the shelf life of your kikay products (especially make-up), muwah!

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  1. we all need to look good esp for our hubbies hehe, i still remember how losyang i was when my little one was still few months old.