Friday, March 16, 2012

Honestly, was I (too) masungit?

Okay, I don't usually rant and I really try to be pleasant with everyone , but allow me to share with you guys what happened with me at Ace Water Spa yesterday, and tell me if I was way out of line or something.

It's the third time that we swam there for a video shoot, so I basically know their rules.  I also know that it was quite a long walk from the locker room towards the pool side, therefore I really prefer not to give Ben a shower at the locker room before swimming because I know he'll just feel cold and there is a chance that the coach will not call us to go down the swimming pool as soon as we get there.

Now, the locker attendant was insistent that I give Ben a shower, I explained my reasons and refused.  "Baka magkasakit lang ang bata", she insisted again but I really stood my ground.  Finally, she said that only I took a shower instead.  Annoyingly, I agreed, then Ben and I went towards the pool side.

As expected, we were asked to wait for our turn by the bench at the pool side.  Had Ben been given a shower, he would have felt cold  and I would have had to wipe him dry.  Good thing I didn't allowed it. (Since I took a shower, I got cold and felt the sniffles.)  Then it just so happens that the same attendant went down the poolside where we were sitting.  Since I was still annoyed by what happened, I called her attention and said " See, we are still here waiting for our turn to swim.  This is what I meant when I didn't want to give my child a shower before leaving the locker room.  There is a shower area here by the pool side, that would be a better place for kids to take a shower before swimming if you really want to be strict about it"  She didn't say anything anymore but the lifeguard that was with her said he understood and will bring it up to management.

I didn't know what came over me, why I had to call the attendant's attention when I saw her again by the pool side.  I guess I wanted to explain  my side further.  I was a frustrated because I've been doing my best to follow their rules but I really couldn't let this one go.  It didn't really help that she wasn't pleasant in the first place.  I was actually tempted to tell her that if I did give Ben a shower and he catches a cold, would you pay  for his meds? Would you take care of him at night when he'd have a hard time breathing?

Anyway, I feel a little guilty being "mean" or "aggressive", I am not really the confrontational type.  I guess I felt strongly about this because (1) I've been swimming practically all my life ( in a lot of places) and this is the only place where the attendants are not only unpleasant, but would even argue with a customer, and (2) I am a mom.  I am responsible for Ben.  Therefore I should be the one making decisions about these things because I am answerable if he gets sick, and I'm the one end up most worried and stressed if he is not feeling well.

So now, a day after the whole incident, I'm still thinking about it, whether or not I was too harsh or something.  I just hope those I talked to think don't think that I wanted to give them a hard time.  I know they're just doing their job but they have to understand I am just doing mine as well.


  1. i"m sure if the attendant reads this post, she would understand. There are just people who are blindsided by their orders.

    I guess, you could have been more pleasant about it, and said that if the manager berates her, you will personally talk to him/her.

    If i was in your position, I wouldn't let my child take a shower too. As you said, there was a shower near the pool, why can't you use that just before taking a swim?

  2. I'm not confrontational by nature also but when I became a mommy, I seem to bark at every incessant comment made. I know I should choose the right battles, but everything feels right as long as it is for the welfare of my son! Don't feel sorry, you just stood up for what you believe in and what is the best interest for Ben :)

    1. You weren't. You were just concerned for Ben and I think the attendant should have known better and listened to your reasoning. Because had she listened - she will understand your situation.

      I think she ignored and dismissed your reasoning. That's the problem eh, listening skills.

      I wish she had been more considerate, considering that it was a child involved!! Aya...