Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lets gobreastfeed !!!!

There is no denying that I am passionate about educating families about breastfeeding, which is why I enjoy helping out in LATCH breastfeeding classes.  I believe that with the proper information and support, women can successfully breastfeed their babies.

One of the questions most pregnant women would ask is "What if I don't have enough milk?" In connection with that, most mothers who stop breastfeeding do so because they feel they aren't capable of providing enough for their baby.  There are also a lot of myths that make breastfeeding seem complicated when it shouldn't be the case.  Also, the numerous sources around the web can be very overwhelming and hard to validate.

Kate in action during one of LATCH's breastfeeding classes

Thankfully, fellow LATCHer Kate de los Reyes has launched her website gobreastfeed to be a go-to source for breastfeeding information.  I am honoured to have shared my breastfeeding story in that website and you'll be touched by the other breastfeeding stories as well.  More importantly, it aims to provide on-line breastfeeding classes so that proper information can be easily accessible.

I like the layout and design of the website, simple and clean.  A fitting tribute to Kate's experience as country editor for Yahoo Philippines.

Know the basics of breastfeeding through this Crash Course portion of the website

Learn from the experience of other moms by reading Breastfeeding Diaries

Important and Interesting Articles about Breastfeeding are a must read since there's always something new to be learned about the topic

Forums for breastfeeding families to discuss their concerns

Kate and gobreastfeed need our support.  After all, breastfeeding is not just about how a mom feeds her own baby, it is a public health issue.  Please spread the word about this website and if you can help raise funds for the on-line classes, it will surely be appreciated.  You can do so by going to this link

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