Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful for "kid-friendly" stores :)

I went shopping with Ben at Shangrila yesterday.  I was thinking of buying a new pair of shoes for the weddings we will be attending in the coming weeks.  This is not easy when I have an active pre-schooler along with me.  I was about to go inside one of the first stores I saw when the guard of that store signaled that we couldn't bring along the food that Ben was eating. I respected the store's rule and walked further along. We came across another store where I saw a pair of shoes that I was interested in. The store was playing Rihanna's Diamonds which was a song familiar to Ben so he went inside.  The clerk was quite accomodating.  He didn't mind that Ben was eating.  He even gave in to Ben's request to play Diamonds again (for about 4 times) so that he can sing along with the song.  That way, I was able to shop properly for a few minutes.  Thankfully, the pair of shoes that I liked had my size and was able to buy them.

What made me happy giving that store a sale was the way the clerk handled Ben.  They didn't sell items for kids but I appreciated the way he was patient with him.  It was the mommy break I needed during an overwhelming day.

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