Monday, April 14, 2014

Behind the scenes of the twins birthday party :)

It has been almost a month since the twins turned one and looking at the photos from that day still makes me smile.  It's really nice seeing the happy faces of family and friends who took time out of their busy schedule to celebrate with us.  Here are some highlights that I'd like to share with everyone

Party Perks did a great job in organizing the event.  They took care of booking the entertainers who were flexible with our schedule.  They also helped us figure out a theme for the event.  I wanted something "girly" but not too feminine.  We came up with shabby chic which was quite lovely.  The decorations were very nice and detailed, from the floating plastic floral balls, to the fresh flowers and napkins in the center pieces.  And it seems that the guests like them too because they were all wiped out by the end of the party, hehe! I love the photo frames with the twins' photos. 

Speaking of photos, what made the party extra special was having a wonderful photographer.  Our photographer was Stanley Ong.  He already took our family photos in the past (like the ones we had in the centerpieces) so he already knows what strategies to use to make our kids smile.  I love the candid photos of the kids having fun at the party.  Bry and I were quite busy moving around that it was through the photos that we saw what was going on behind the scenes.

Of course, the party would not be complete without the Infinity by Memory Charms photo booth.  Thank you, a-ku JP and Ninong Bin for making the booth extra special for the twins.  It was nice seeing the guests upload their photos from the booth when they reach home.  I should have assigned a hashtag for the event!

Oh, and If you guys are wondering where we got the souvenir instafans, we booked them via booths republic.  They seem to be a hit for both kids and adults :) Look them up in Facebook.  They have other products as well. 

Last but certainly not least, a special thanks to Father Joel Liwanag, SJ for taking the time to baptize the twins.  Father Joel is a recently ordained Jesuit who was a classmate of mine and Bry's during our college days.  We were even groupmates in some of our projects.  It's such a blessing that the girls were baptized by someone who we personally know.  

We thank again everyone who joined us on that special day.  Hope you had fun :)

PS.  Our food was catered by Via Mare and the lechon was by Leonardos.  Bry and I were grateful for the good service and pleasant transaction.

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