Friday, August 16, 2013

What's new with ahia Ben :)

 It's time for an ahia Ben update, don't you agree?:)

Our eldest is still (at times) a baby at heart but there are the little signs that remind me that time is indeed moving forward and this little boy is growing up each day.

As shared by his teachers, I am happy to say that Ben has been learning to develop deeper friendships with his classmates.  This is something that I also noticed this year.  He's asking for playdates and is more sensitive towards his peers.  He'd comfort a classmate when he sees someone crying and would say sorry when he accidently bumps someone or spills something.

In an attempt to encourage him to read and write, we enrolled Ben in reading classes at the Learning Library.  We're fortunate they have a branch nearby at Wilson street in San Juan. The sessions are just 30 minutes long which is adequate for Ben's attention span.  He sits down with an instructor and reads a story after which he will answer some questions to test his comprehension. They also tackle one letter a day, practicing how it sounds and how to write it.

As an ahia, there are days when Ben is still adjusting to his role as a big brother.  We try to give him tasks that would let him help take care of his sisters.  There are moments when he would willingly do them, and instances when he'd require a lot of encourgement.  We're happy with his progress, though, especially since he willingly includes the twins in our evening prayers. It's a real challenge trying to juggle three children.  What Bry and I usually do is greet Ben first before his sisters when they are in the same room.  We also suggest our visitors to do the same thing because we notice that if we give him ample attention, he won't feel jealous towards the girls.  Should you have any  additional tips for us, we're all ears.  I'm sure things will become more challenging as they grow older.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
Lets all remind each other to count our blessings :)

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