Friday, August 2, 2013

Mommy Nats Birthday Giveaway!

It's August! Yehey! It's time for a simple birthday giveaway :)

I love reading.  I used to have a lot of books way back when I still didn't have Ben and the twins.  I like the feel of holding an actual book and turning the pages.  When Bry and I started having kids, I switched to eBooks / Kindle because I can easily get back to what I was reading through my phone or Ipad.  

I still prefer an actual book, though :) and this giveaway is a combination of two things that are close to my heart, prayer and reading.  I am giving away a copy of Father Johnny Go's Quick Questions, Uneasy Answers.  It's a wonderful book with reflections tackling a lot of the things we ask about God and our faith.  What's nice about this book is each point of reflection is just about 3 pages long.  The type of reading is just right for a busy parent.  It was also my reading material when the twins were in the NICU.  

To join, simply provide the following details as a comment on this blog entry or link:

1.) Full name and email add
2.) A prayer intention you wish to share so others may pray with you

See? Very simple!!!
Good luck, entries until the end of the month will be accepted :)

PS.  I am a huge fan of Father Johnny.  His homilies and online recollections are touching, direct to the point and very current.  We have the honor of having him at our wedding and Ben's baptism.  We (Father Go and I) also have the same birthday.  How cool is that? :)

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