Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mommy Review: Ace Water Spa Pasig

Two weeks ago,  Ben and I were invited to Coach Angelo Lozada's Baby and Me demo class at Ace Water Spa in Pasig.  I was quite excited since I've always been curious about the place.  Allow me to share with you our experience.

There was ample parking and the guard was quite polite and accomodating.  The pool area is quite big.  There's a big lap pool and several small pools.   The small heated pools even have fountains and windmills. Cute, enticing, but do take note that they only allow kids in the small pool with the slide (which Ben liked a lot!).  The  lifeguard on duty is quite alert and friendly, especially to the kids. Oh, and they require everyone to wear  the swimming caps they lend you (for sanitary purposes, I suppose) so take note of that in case you want to bring your own.

It's a long walk towards the locker room and even a longer walk from the locker room to the pool area.  It shouldn't be a big deal but the attendants make you shower before leaving the locker room.  They probably mean well, but the long walk towards the pool can be quite chilly if you have already showered.  Also, if you are attending a child's swimming class, Coach Angelo recommends that you wait for the actual class to start before going down the pool so the kids don't use up their energy right away.  This is another reason why it may not be wise to let the kids shower before leaving the locker room.  If they're a little early for their class, they'll just end up feeling cold staying by the poolside.  Then there's this rule about not being allowed to wear a towel while sitting by the pool.  During our time there, I was so concerned about Ben feeling cold while we wait for our turn to swim that I wanted to wrap him with a towel but rules are you have to leave them by the rack.  I wonder what's behind that rule.

Okay, so back to the locker room, there was ample space, a dryer and a some toiletrees.  No complaints about that.  But I do wish that their dressing and shower rooms have actual doors than curtains.  Yes, they do the trick most of the time, but still, actual doors could give the users more privacy.

Now, on a final note, what I really hope that the place improves on is consistency with their rules. For example, the attendants of the locker room say they don't allow board shorts on the pool but there were some who got away with wearing them.  Maybe they should rethink that rule.  I mean, how about men who don't what to wear swimming trunks or spandex shorts to the pool?  Also, the attendants said they don't allow yayas beyond the locker room, but there were a couple that were able to go close to the pool area.  What's up with that?

My verdict is that the place can improve on making itself child and mommy friendly.  And honestly, I was glad we were able to try out the place for free because to spend around P500 per person to swim, I expected more :)


  1. Hi! How was the class itself? We're thinking of enrolling once my baby boy is 6 months...

  2. I've been to Ace Water Spa a couple of times and I had an awesome time during my stay. I share the same sentiments too on some of the guys getting away wearing board shorts at the pool, I think that's foul!

    Anyhow, I enjoyed my stay and I think it's worth it naman. I'm planning to come back again dahil sa promo nila from Metrodeal! http://www.metrodeal.com/deals/Metro_Manila/Ace-Water-Spa-Promo/370341844